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We have an opportunity to create a fairer world every day. Let’s seize it!

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Our mission

We are share and every product is a social donation. We are also pursuing the same goal in our partnership with congstar. With every month of the share Do Good cell phone rate, launched together with congstar and our partner EIDU, we provide children with access to digital education.

<p>Our mission</p>

Our share projects

When it comes to development cooperation, we rely on the experience and expertise of real professionals. We work together with recognized national and international aid organizations. The key requirement? Full transparency and thus the credibility of the organizations. We are active in the following project areas:

Drinking water
Drinking water

Access to clean drinking water is a U.N. human right. But it is still not a reality for many people. In the drinking water projects, we support the repair, maintenance and construction of safe wells and hand pumps together with our partner organizations. Photo: Nyakudjara


Together with our partner organizations, we are fighting hunger: We facilitate the provision of emergency food in crisis areas, distribute school meals and ensure that socially disadvantaged people have access to food here locally.

Photo: Tafel food banks in Germany


In our hygiene projects, people are provided with hygiene products and the knowledge necessary to prevent communicable diseases. After all, good health and well-being are basic prerequisites for better development opportunities.

Photo: Christoph Köstlin


Everyone has a right to education. Because education opens doors. The education projects we support provide children with essential items that enable them to attend school – including learning materials, meals, hygiene products and classroom equipment.

Photo: Lea May

Climate protection
Climate protection

Climate change can be felt and seen everywhere. To counteract this, we are committed to the reforestation of forests and the use of land in harmony with nature as part of climate protection projects.

Photo: Eden Reforestation Projects

With every purchase of a share drink, you donate a day of clean drinking water.

68.170.989Days of clean drinking water:

With every purchase of a share snack, you donate a meal.

39.615.377Donated meals:

With every purchase of a share care product, you donate a hygiene product or a hygiene service.

33.355.830Hygiene products distributed:

With every purchase of a share stationery item, you donate a lesson to a schoolchild.


Other projects

If you would like to know how and where else we provide donations and support with our products, take a look at our other projects.