Donate your snacks to people in Germany

If you're in Austria, find out how your purchase enables a meal here .

With you and the food banks, we distribute food to people affected by poverty.

Did you know that each of our products always contains a social donation? We often don't have to look far to help, because social inequalities are also growing here in Germany. Many people suffer from hidden poverty. A situation that is further exacerbated by the effects of Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine. With your snack you are therefore donating a portion of food to disadvantaged people in Germany.

But what is actually behind a portion of food?

You probably already know how the food bank works: food that is still good but no longer suitable for sale is distributed to people affected by poverty through local distribution points. Our donation gives them a package with at least 500 g of food, which helps to support people and their families with food. This allows us to make a concrete contribution to combating food poverty and at the same time save food from being wasted.

This help is particularly important today because the number of Tafel customers has increased by 50% since spring 2022. The consequences of the war in Ukraine and inflation have had a significant impact, especially on people affected by poverty, so more people are dependent on support. By distributing fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables, we can work with the Tafel to contribute to a more balanced diet.

Tafel Germany

Tafel Deutschland is the umbrella organization of over 960 food banks throughout Germany. Its tasks include coordinating, supporting and advising the work of the food banks. It acts as a mouthpiece for donors, politicians, associations and the public and organizes the forwarding of monetary and material donations.

How exactly is a portion of food financed?

Now back to the donation. How does this turn into social assistance? Together with our partner, Tafel Deutschland, we want to give people affected by poverty access to nutritious meals. As an independent aid organization, Tafel Deutschland does not support any products or services. That is why share gives 6 cents of every snack sold to Tafel Deutschland to help save food. This works by supporting the logistics work that Tafel Deutschland is responsible for, among other things. This helps food banks in structurally weak regions, for example, to store and transport very large quantities of food.

Project active since February 2019

Photos: Monique Wüstenhagen / Tafel Deutschland

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