Donate your snacks to children in India

Thanks to your purchase and the help alliance, we donate a meal to school children every day.

Did you know that each of our products always contains a social donation? Let's take a look at India, the second most populous country in the world - with a huge cultural wealth. Did you know that over 100 different languages are spoken here? At the same time, however, there are drastic inequalities within the Indian population: despite considerable economic growth, many people do not have the opportunity to eat a balanced diet and suffer from chronic malnutrition. That's why your snack donates to provide children with school meals.

What do these meals look like and what else is behind them?

In the project, 250 children who would otherwise have no access to education are enrolled in school and provided with the most important materials. They are also given access to tutoring and medical care. We support the project by funding meals that are served to schoolchildren every day. For many children, this is the only proper meal of the day and therefore one of the most important prerequisites for successful learning.

Incidentally, children who eat healthily develop better and learn faster. This in turn can have a major impact on children's future prospects.

help alliance

help alliance is the Lufthansa Group's aid organization. The international organization was able to support more than 40,000 people in 50 projects worldwide in 2021 alone. 100% of the donations go directly to projects with a focus on education, primarily to empower young people to lead a self-determined life.

How exactly is a school meal financed?

Now back to the donation. How is this transformed into social aid? Together with our partner, the help alliance, we want to distribute meals to schoolchildren to make it easier for them to learn. However, as an independent aid organization, the help alliance does not support any products or services. That's why share gives 10 cents of every snack sold to help alliance to support the distribution of meals to schoolchildren.

Project active since October 2021

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