Quality policy

Our quality policy is part of our corporate guidelines. It is made up of the areas

customer focus,
social responsibility and sustainability,
ethics and personnel responsibility and our
product pledge.

We translate our quality policy internally into measurable goals that apply to the entire company and allow all of us at share to be part of their implementation every day.

What customer orientation means to us

Focusing on the needs and quality requirements of our consumers as part of product development is a central component of our portfolio strategy.

We strive to meet the same requirements that consumers place on comparable products in the branded goods industry at all times.

We can apply our social impact component to stand out from the competition only if we meet these requirements to the fullest degree.

We achieve this goal by conducting market analyses of comparable products (ingredients, claims, product promises, etc.) and doing qualitative and quantitative market research on our own products.

In addition, we regularly monitor feedback/reviews in consumer forums (e.g., dm, amazon, etc.) and take corrective action where appropriate and necessary.

The essence of our brand: social responsibility and sustainability

share exists to make the world fairer, reduce inequalities and ensure that people have access to basic social needs. That’s why every product contains a social donation that directly supports a person in need. By investing in social projects with our renowned partner organizations, we ensure that the aid reaches the places where it is urgently needed. We focus both on humanitarian aid and development cooperation projects worldwide and on local initiatives in Europe.

Social impact is at the heart of share, which is why we take our responsibility for managing social risks in our value chain very seriously. By working closely with our suppliers, we want to ensure that transparency and fairness prevail and that any form of exploitation is avoided. Among other things, we work with a cloud-based tool that enables us to record and manage valuable information from our suppliers. Risky raw materials and ingredients are examined particularly critically for their origin and sourced from fair trade wherever possible.

We strive to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible without compromising on product quality and safety. The focus here is on optimizing our packaging by reducing the amount of material used and increasing recyclability. Where possible and environmentally sensible, we prefer to use materials made from renewable raw materials. We are working to devise a circular model that will reduce packaging waste and conserve valuable raw materials. In addition, recording and reducing our emissions are a central element of our sustainability strategy, both at the company and product levels. This is because climate change hits vulnerable groups the hardest, including the people we support through our social projects.

Our ethical responsibility, which we live internally and externally

We accept our responsibility as a commercial enterprise in this complex world. We live our values in our partnerships with our customers such as REWE and dm, our suppliers; our partner organizations and all external contacts who support us in our mission.

Furthermore, our values are the defining benchmark for employment in our company. For us, this means creating opportunities to strengthen physical and mental health, offering a flexible working model, creating an advanced training program for our employees and, of course, spending time together as people. 

Our People’s Committee (working group for dialogue between the team and management) and our Diversity Team (working group for diversity and integration) ensure that the interests of employees are represented and that we consistently address potential biases and prejudices.

The quality of our products

Our ultimate goal is to produce safe, legal and authentic products. In doing so, we constantly listen to feedback from our employees, partners, customers, end consumers and current market conditions in order to continuously improve. An established, practiced food safety culture is a prerequisite for us and our partners. Our suppliers play a decisive role in this effort. We make sure that they are certified under standards like GFSI guidelines in the food sector and can produce according to our strict specifications. Our internal quality management continuously checks the implementation of our quality standards.

The authenticity, safety and quality of our products are firmly anchored in our company philosophy, just like our social concept.