The Current Account Future from ING

Open a new account now and secure a €50 credit!

Bank account with a good cause

The Current Account Future is no ordinary account. With the help of the ING account offered in cooperation with share, you can now easily do good. Your contribution supports social and environmental projects around the world.

Open your first Current Account Future now and get a €50 credit!

Transparency and trust

The Current Account Future combines the expertise of two brands – ING as Germany’s largest direct bank and share as a leading social impact brand.

Your contribution

The special bank account

  • Support a social or environmental project with €1 per month
  • Round up every card payment to benefit your favorite project with the optional change plus function
  • Your deposits are used sustainably by ING.
The special bank account
Our responsibility

Sustainability as a basis

All customer deposits in the accounts are used in accordance with the sustainability criteria for the Current Account Future. In this way, you support your chosen funding project, and the deposits are used to finance social or environmental business and project loans. You can find out more here

Sustainability as a basis
Round up please

Change Plus function

Activate the Change Plus function and round up automatically with every purchase you make with your card. In this way, you also support your sponsorship project with every payment.

Change Plus function
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Even more advantages

  • Easy account switching
  • Free VISA card [debit card] 
  • Withdraw money for free – almost everywhere!
  • Get started and do good!
Our share projects
Project pillars Project pillars

Project pillars

Our projects are as diverse as the people on Earth. But they do share one trait: They achieve great things. Projects address the basic needs of nutrition, education and hygiene as well as climate protection.

Photo: Believe Nyakudjara

Nutrition Nutrition


Together with our partner organizations, we are fighting hunger: We facilitate the provision of emergency food in crisis areas, distribute school meals and ensure that socially disadvantaged people have access to food here locally.

Photo: Tafel food banks in Germany

Hygiene Hygiene


In our hygiene projects, people are provided with hygiene products and the knowledge necessary to prevent communicable diseases. After all, good health and well-being are basic prerequisites for better development opportunities.

Photo: Christoph Köstlin

Education Education


Everyone has a right to education. Because education opens doors. The education projects we support provide children with essential items that enable them to attend school – including learning materials, meals, hygiene products and classroom equipment.

Photo: Lea May

Climate protection Climate protection

Climate protection

Climate change can be felt and seen everywhere. To counteract this, we are committed to the reforestation of forests and the use of land in harmony with nature as part of climate protection projects.

Photo: Eden Reforestation Projects

Everything you (still) want to know

You have questions and we have the answers.

How do I get the €50 credit?

You will receive the credit if you open your first Current Account Future by 04/14/2024 and pay at least five times within the first four months with the VISA card [debit card] in stores, online or via Apple Pay and Google Pay. Withdrawals from ATMs do not count. The credit does not apply to the activation of the extra sustainability feature on an existing bank account. Your bonus will be transferred to your new account.

By the way: The bonus is tax-free if your other income pursuant to Art. 22 (3) of the German Income Tax Act (including this bonus) is less than €256 in a calendar year. Please coordinate the personal impact on your tax return with your tax consultant.

You can find more information about the campaign here.

How much does ING’s Current Account Future cost?

If you use the Current Account Future as a salary account (incoming funds of at least €700 per month) or are younger than 28, it only costs you €1 per month. ING has pledged to pay €1 per month for each Current Account Future to the sponsorship project selected by the customer. If you do not use the account as a salary account and are older than 28, an additional account management fee of €4.90 per month will be charged. Both charges are debited separately in the following month.

All terms and conditions for the Current Account Future can be found transparently on the ING website.

With ING’s Current Account Future, do I have to pay more for every purchase that is made by card?

No. You also have the option of activating the Change Plus function. This means that purchases made with the card are rounded up to the next euro or the next €5. You can also set a maximum monthly amount. 100% of this difference will be donated to your selected funding project. You decide for yourself whether and how much of each card payment goes to social and/or environmental projects.

How are deposits used in ING’s Current Account Future? What criteria are used to allocate the funds in the ING Current Account Future?

ING ensures that customer deposits are used in accordance with the sustainability criteria for the Current Account Future. This specifically includes construction financing for energy-efficient real estate, social and environmental corporate loans as well as green and social bonds.

You can read the exact sustainability criteria for the Current Account Future transparently on the ING website.

Where can I contact you if I have further questions?

If you have specific questions about the Current Account Future, the use of deposits or the account management fee, you can find out more on the ING website. If you have any questions about the funding projects, you can contact us by filling out our contact form here.

All funding projects

You will find an overview of all of the projects you can support here.