Doing good together

ING’s new Future bank account for your contribution to a better world.

Small amounts – big impact

Simply move money and do good.

Many people think that the world’s problems are far too big for small actions to actually make a difference. But did you know that just 40 cents can feed a person for a whole day? As you now see, we could change a lot if many people donated small amounts. Together with ING, we want to make this possible.

With ING’s Future bank account, everyone can now do something good every day.


With the Future bank account, you can support social and environmental projects around the world. The extra sustainability feature costs you just €1 per month. At the same time, ING will pay €1 per month to the project you have selected.

Pay with your card and make the difference! With every card payment, you can round up the total and directly support your chosen project.

Small amounts – big impact

On a mission together

Maybe you already know us from the supermarket or your favorite health and beauty store. Our great everyday products stand out on the shelf thanks to one special feature: Every purchase supports a social project. No matter whether you are talking about snacks, beverage, care products or stationery – they all help people.

And now you can also do good with your Future bank account at ING.

We are a certified B Corp company.

We have been a certified B Corp since 2018. The “B” in B Corp stands for “benefit” – just as the organic label helps you find environmentally sustainable products in the supermarket, the B Corp certification helps you spot companies that are not just about profit.

We are a certified B Corp company.

With every purchase of a share snack, you donate a meal.

31.263.694Donated meals:

With every purchase of a share care product, you donate a hygiene product or a hygiene service.

17.444.783Hygiene products distributed:

With every purchase of a share stationery item, you donate a lesson for a schoolchild.


With every purchase of a share drink, you donate a day of clean drinking water.

54.315.646Days of clean drinking water:

Changing the world is teamwork. 

So many different aid projects all over the world – how does share manage that? To help people as effectively and comprehensibly as possible, share works with certified aid organizations. The transparency and credibility of the organizations are particularly important to us to ensure that the aid reaches the people in need.

Photo: Christoph Köstlin

<p>Changing the world is teamwork. </p>
The social and environmental projects

You can support these projects with your ING Future bank account.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions about the partnership between share and ING for the Future bank account? We have the answers!

How do share and ING fit together?

The convincing brand fit can be summarized well on the basis of the two companies’ common core values: Transparency and simplicity. At the same time, we are determined to have a major impact, an impact that we want to achieve together with ING.

Is share a non-governmental organization?

No, share is not an NGO. It is a social brand. share sells products (beverages, snacks, stationery and toiletries), the purchase of which always supports a social project that makes the world a little fairer. To this end, we work together with internationally recognized aid organizations.

Why didn’t ING look for an NGO partner directly?

ING supports share’s idea that doing good can also be a part of everyday life. share is already familiar to many people from the retail sector, and the company’s approach reflects the spirit of the times: Simple and uncomplicated support for social and environmental projects that customers can choose themselves.

How does the Future bank account do good?

The Future bank account supports social and environmental projects all over the world.

The extra sustainability feature costs just €1 per month. At the same time, ING pays €1 per month to the customer's chosen sponsorship project. In addition, the change plus function can be used to round up card payments, making every payment transaction a good deed.

Which projects can I support with my Future bank account?

With the Future bank account, you have the opportunity to support the project that is close to your heart. You can choose from various projects that provide meals or hygiene services, improve educational opportunities or implement climate protection measures. We keep you up to date on the funding projects so that you can understand the impact in the best possible way.