Traveling by train and helping people? Smart move.

Every gift from Deutsche Bahn & share donates a meal to the Tafel food banks in Germany.

Rail travel with impact

Snack on chocolate – donate a meal

Every piece of chocolate from the partnership between Deutsche Bahn and share donates a meal to a disadvantaged person. While you relax and roll along to your destination, this chocolate supports the important work of Tafel Deutschland e.V. – a good feeling, right?

This is how it works:

The social roadmap

  • You purchase a quiet first-class seat and receive a piece of chocolate with social impact from share as a surprise.

  • Every guest gift includes a donation to the Tafel food banks in Germany,

  • funds that make 10 million food parcels possible every year.

  • Together, we support people in need and reduce food waste.

<p>The social roadmap</p>
Snacking & sharing

Small chocolate – big impact

The small and favorite guest known as chocolate is perfect for sharing. But that’s hardly the only thing that makes it a great snack: The packaging belongs in the paper waste. The cocoa is fair trade, and, of course, it contains 0% palm oil. Enjoy!

Deutsche Bahn x share

Effective partnership

Our water has been sold in recyclable bottles in Deutsche Bahn’s board restaurants and bistros since 2020. Together with DB, we have made 5.47 million days of drinking water and 21 wells possible. We believe there is more to come. With this action, we make the next move.

Food parcels to needy people

7000000Since 2019: share and the Tafel food banks in Germany have been working together to provide

Days of drinking water and 21 wells made possible so far

54700002020: share water in Deutsche Bahn board restaurants and bistros

Portions of food with the Tafel food banks in Germany

10000000March 2023: share chocolate as a DB guest gift per year

Want to snack on more from share? Give it a try:

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