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Dry hands – care for dry skin in winter

von Isabelle Diekmann

Do you tend to have dry hands and generally dry skin? Especially now in winter, sensitive skin can quickly become rough or even cracked and itchy. But what really helps against dry hands? In share magazine, we explain what skin is missing in winter and give you 5 tips with which you can keep your hands and skin soft and supple even in the cold season.

Tip 1

Natural oils for soft hands

Heating air, wind, sub-zero temperatures - the external conditions in winter mean that the sebaceous glands in the body hardly produce any fat. Regular hand washing also dries out the skin, resulting in the skin becoming thinner, losing its natural protective layer and therefore needing extra care. It is important to compensate for this deficit, especially on the hands, with lipid-rich active ingredients. Natural oils such as olive, avocado or almond oil work particularly well here. Another important ingredient is glycerin - this helps the skin to retain moisture. The share hand cream almond oil & sandalwood contains glycerin and almond oil and thus moisturizing active ingredients that provide the dry skin on the hands with the necessary fats in winter.

<p> Natural oils for soft hands</p>
Tip 2

Special care for particularly dry skin

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, have to wash your hands very regularly or have very sensitive skin, you may be struggling with rough, cracked, dry hands at the end of the cold winter. In this case, it is important to use particularly rich care products. In addition to almond oil, our Naturals Repair hand cream also contains an extra portion of shea butter, which gives the skin back the fat it needs. Our tip: It is best to apply the rich care product mornings and evenings from the start of winter.

<p> Special care for particularly dry skin</p>
Tip 3

Shower gently

In addition to appropriate skin care, the right showering habits are also important to prevent dry skin. For one thing, you shouldn't shower too hot or for too long, and for another, you should use a gentle and gently cleansing shower gel - like our pH-skin-neutral Mango & Almond Shower Gel with its gentle care formula.

<p> Shower gently</p>
Tip 4

Drink plenty of water

And as always: drink a lot! For soft, delicate skin, it's not just about caring for it from the outside, but also from the inside. That's why you should drink at least two liters of water a day all year round - even if you don't feel as thirsty in the cold season as you do in the hot summer months. This way, you provide your skin with enough moisture for elasticity and vitality.

<p> Drink plenty of water</p>
Tip 5

Healthy fats

You can also provide your skin with the necessary fats from the inside, for example by regularly eating nuts and seeds. These contain a lot of vitamin E, which additionally supports the skin's lipid barrier and ensures better skin moisture.

<p> Healthy fats</p>

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