• 1:1 principle

    Each product contains a donation for a person in need and offers you a social alternative as you do your everyday shopping.

  • Care & quality

    We make our products with the best ingredients. We are always working on new sustainability ideas.

  • A fair deal

    Fairness & transparency in every step of our supply chain are essential for us. The aim is to avoid any form of exploitation.

Every share snack donates a meal

Together with our partner organizations, we are doing something to combat hunger, both locally and internationally: We facilitate the provision of emergency food in crisis areas, distribute school meals and ensure that socially disadvantaged people have access to food here locally.

Your help arrives here

With the Do Good tariff, you support the development of the digital learning platform from our partner EIDU. This helps schoolchildren in Kenya learn arithmetic, writing and reading – quite simply through playful exercises. You automatically donate to our education project with EIDU every month you use the Do Good tariff. The donation is included in your tariff payment. You can find out more about our project here.

Happy to share – always at the forefront

Our monthly newsletter will keep you up to date about our campaigns, new products and projects, as well as ways to make an easy social contribution. Sign up now!

Frequently asked questions

How high are the shipping costs?

We ship within Germany. The shipping and packaging costs are calculated at a flat rate per package and amount to €4.90. Shipping is free for purchases of €49 and more.

What payment methods are available?

We offer the following payment methods:

  • PayPal,
  • Apple Pay,
  • credit card,
  • SEPA bank transfer

What is a social donation exactly?  

Every share product you buy always contains a similar social donation. For example, a share supplemental bar provides a meal or a share beverage provides a day’s worth of drinking water. We call it the 1+1 principle, which means something like: What you buy to live on is donated to someone who needs it to live.