The prepaid rate that donates education

The mobile phone rate in the best D-network that gives schoolchildren access to a digital education platform.

Subscribe by June 3 & enjoy double data volume!

Do Good rate: Good for you and good for others!

Monthly donation

You give schoolchildren one month’s access to a digital education platform each time you pay the rate.

No contract commitment

The share Do Good rate does not require you to make a contract commitment, and you may cancel it at any time.

Communication without borders

Unlimited calls, text messages and surfing to all German networks on the best D-network.

Do Good rate: Good for you and good for others!

...and even more!

Keep the overview

You always have access to your personal account via a practical app and can top up your credit at any time.

EU roaming

Even if you are in another EU country, the same conditions apply as within Germany – even in Switzerland.

...and even more! ...and even more!

How does donating education work?

With the Do Good rate, you support the development of the digital learning platform from our partner EIDU. This helps schoolchildren in Kenya learn arithmetic, writing and reading – quite simply through playful exercises. You automatically donate to our education project with EIDU every month you use the Do Good rate. The donation is included in your rate payment.

Now permanently more data volume!

Join share mobile and get double the data volume until June 3! Choose between the Do Good rate Allnet Flat M (10 GB instead of 5 GB) or the Do Good rate Allnet Flat L (20 GB instead of 10 GB).

The share mobile app

Keep an eye on everything: Your data volume, your bank balance – and even your social impact on educational projects!

Good to know

Everything important at a glance.

What rates are available from share mobile?

You have two options: 

The Do Good rate Allnet Flat M and the Do Good rate Allnet Flat L. Both rates enable you to make unlimited calls and send unlimited texts in all German networks. They can also be canceled at any time. 

If you activate the share Do Good rate by 06/03/2024, you will get permanent data volume of 10 GB (Allnet Flat M) or 20 GB (Allnet Flat L). Now including 5G.

Do Good rate Allnet Flat M

  • 10 GB instead of 5 GB data volume
  • Donate 1 month’s access to digital education for each rate booking period

Rate: €10/30 days plus a one-time card payment. RRP: €10. €10 starting credit on activation. If the basic rate of €10/30 days cannot be debited, the following applies: 9 cents/min. and texts to all German networks. Starting at 10 GB, the bandwidth is limited to a maximum of 64 kbit/s (download) and 16 kbit/s (upload) in the respective 30-day billing period. Activation requires an identity check using an official identification document required under Art. 172 of the Telecommunications Act. congstar – a brand of Telekom Deutschland GmbH, Bayenwerft 12 - 14, 50678 Cologne, Germany.

Do Good rate Allnet Flat L

  • 20 instead of 10 GB data volume
  • Donate 1 month of access to digital education for every rate payment you make

With 5G, transmission speeds of an estimated max. 25 Mbit/s in download and max. 10 Mbit/s in upload are achieved in the 5G network. The prerequisite for surfing in the 5G network is the availability of 5G at the location and a 5G-capable end device. If 5G is not available at your location, you can surf with EDGE / LTE.

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How can I use my phone number on share mobile?

Before you switch to share mobile, you must release your phone number for a number portability – apply for a so-called opt-in. To do this, you need to ask your current provider exactly what you need to do. Once you have clarified everything, you can apply for your number to be transferred during the ordering or activation process for your share Do Good rate.

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Is there a new customer bonus?

Yes. You will receive €10 when you take out a new share mobile contract and successfully transfer your phone number by 06/30/2024.

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What is EIDU?

EIDU is our social partner. The aid organization has been committed to helping schoolchildren in Kenya learn since 2015. It uses a digital education platform for this purpose. Students’ learning success is evaluated via smartphones, and teachers are provided with structured and innovative content. The digital networking and continuous innovation of content motivate students and give governments the opportunity to improve their education systems quickly and in line with demand. EIDU is currently working closely with the Kenyan government to integrate the digital platform across the country as quickly as possible.

Learn more about EIDU at: