Support the repair of wells in Kenya

Your purchase provides one person in Kenya with fresh water for one day – at least 20 liters. In the project, we repair pipelines, water points and hand pumps in Kitui County and Kwale County, Kenya. In this way, we can reach about 15,000 people. In addition to the repair work on the wells, the project also includes constant monitoring of the infrastructure in order to repair defects within the shortest possible time.

How we help

Infectious diseases transmitted through contaminated water are one of the main causes of malnutrition and child mortality. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over half a million people fall victim to these preventable diseases every year. We aim to maintain and secure access to clean drinking water by monitoring water infrastructure and repairing 70 km of pipelines and 40 hand pumps. The goal of our partner FundiFix is to repair all occurring damages to the water infrastructure within a maximum of 3 days. As part of the project, FundiFix is also working with a local women’s community. The income and thus the independence of the women is additionally supported in this way.

FundiFix does not endorse any products or services. share gives 3 cents of every product sold to FundiFix to finance the repair of wells.

FundiFix is a local company from Kenya supported by Oxford University. What is special about FunidFix is the data-based analysis and repair of weak points in the water infrastructure and the accurate measurement of the amount of water extracted. FundiFix implements development cooperation in an innovative and locally-based way.

Together with you, we want to donate 80,000,000 liters of water this year and reach at least 15,000 people!

Project active since September 2019

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