Support people in Zimbabwe through the construction of latrines.

With your purchase you enable a school child in Zimbabwe to have access to a toilet. There, we are building and repairing 50 latrines in the Masvingo province in southeastern Zimbabwe. In this way we can reach thousands of school children, because in many schools there are currently no functioning sanitary facilities at all.

How we help

In the Masvingo region, sanitation facilities were found to be non-functional in 70% of the schools inspected. This puts children at risk of contracting infectious diseases due to inadequate sanitation. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over half a million people fall victim to these preventable diseases every year.

In addition, it is fundamentally enormously important that children have access to a toilet at school to ensure safety and privacy. The situation is particularly critical for young girls, who often stay away from school as soon as their period starts due to the lack of toilets with separate areas for girls. Together with our partner aid organization Aktion gegen den Hunger, we are therefore now also supporting the construction and repair of latrines in Zimbabwe, following our well projects.

Aktion gegen den Hunger does not support any products or services. share gives 14 cents for every product sold to Aktion gegen den Hunger to finance the repair of latrines.

The aid organization Aktion gegen den Hunger has been fighting hunger in the world since 1979 and is a leader in the fight against malnutrition. In addition to providing access to food, this includes building wells and sanitation facilities, training people in healthy behaviors and distributing hygiene items. Aktion gegen den Hunger is active in 50 countries and regions worldwide, reaching more than 14.7 million people each year.

Together with you, we want to provide 200,000 days of access to toilets this year and reach at least 500 children!

Project active since May 2021

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