Support the repair of wells in Côte d’Ivoire

With your purchase, you provide one person in Côte d’Ivoire with drinking water for one day. This corresponds to at least 20 liters, which can be used for drinking and cooking, but also for hygiene. Together with our partner Action against Hunger, we are working to repair 54 wells in the Tchologo region in the north of the country.

How we help

Infectious diseases transmitted through contaminated water are one of the main reasons for malnutrition and child mortality. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over half a million people fall victim to these preventable diseases every year. As part of our project, we will repair 54 wells to ensure the supply of clean and therefore safe drinking water to the population in the rural Tchologo region.

In addition to the repairs, our project is also about the sustainable management of the water infrastructure and thus the long-term supply of the population of Tchologo. For this purpose, well mechanics are trained and water committees are formed.

Aktion gegen den Hunger does not support any products or services. share gives 2 cents for each product sold to Aktion gegen den Hunger to finance the repair of wells.

The aid organization Aktion gegen den Hunger has been fighting hunger in the world since 1979 and is a leader in the fight against malnutrition. In addition to providing access to food, this includes building wells and sanitation facilities, training people in healthy behaviors and distributing hygiene items. Aktion gegen den Hunger is active in 50 countries and regions worldwide, reaching more than 14.7 million people each year.

Together with you, we want to donate 220,000,000 liters of water and reach at least 13,500 people!

Project active since February 2022

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