Support a person in Burkina Faso with a pair of glasses

In exclusive partnership with Mister Spex, we have developed our first social eyewear collection. That means your eyeglass purchase donates another pair of glasses to someone who couldn’t afford them themselves.

How we help

Currently, more than an incredible 950 million people on the planet have no access to optical care. So they are not identified as to what type of vision impairment they suffer from, nor are they given glasses or other vision aids to compensate for it. Our social partner EinDollarBrille has been working to make basic optical care accessible to all since 2012.

EinDollarBrille has developed eyeglasses that are affordable and robust. Skilled workers are trained directly on site and can make the frames themselves using a simple bending machine. Each pair of share glasses sold donates one pair of EinDollarBrille glasses in Burkina Faso.

EinDollarBrille does not endorse any products or services. share gives 3 euros from each product sold to EinDollarBrille to provide one pair of glasses for each person.

EinDollarBrille was founded in 2012 by Martin Aufmuth and has since ensured that people all over the world have access to visual aids. In addition, the association takes care of the training of trained personnel to fit and manufacture the glasses.

Together with you we want to distribute 1,000 glasses and reach at least 1,000 people!

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