Support people in Uganda with a hygiene product

Your care product donates a hygiene product for a person in Uganda. Because we want to provide at least 80,000 people with hygiene products to protect them from dangerous infectious diseases.

How we help

Infectious diseases and their spread can be prevented by thorough hygiene measures. To do this, people in rural regions in particular need access to washing stations and hygiene products such as soap or disinfectants. In addition, education and other preventive measures play an important role. Our joint project with our partner Save the Children is about using precisely these measures to protect people from the spread of diseases, including Covid 19.

Particular focus will be placed on supporting schools in the next phase of the project. As these have been allowed to reopen since January 2022 after a long lockdown, it is particularly important to help with hygiene concepts and equipment with hygiene products and washing stations.

Save the Children does not support any products or services. share gives 10 cents from every product sold to Save the Children to provide hygiene services.

Save the Children is the world’s largest independent children’s rights organization. For 100 years, it has been fighting for the rights of children worldwide. The aid organization works in more than 120 countries to give the world’s most disadvantaged children a healthy start in life, give them access to basic education and protect them from war and conflict.

Together with you, we want to provide 5,000,000 hygiene services and reach at least 88,000 people over the next 2 years!

Project active since January 2022

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