Support people in Germany with food packages

Thanks to your purchase, Tafel Germany can deliver at least one meal to a person in need. In this project we support Tafel Deutschland in its important logistics work. After all, this saves over 13 tons of food every day, which is distributed to people all over Germany.

How we help

Tafel Deutschland complements the work of local food banks in the area of logistics. This means that even very large quantities of food can be rescued, for example refrigerated goods that accrue directly from the food manufacturer and that a single Tafel could not store on its own. By distributing such donations throughout Germany, it is also possible to support particularly structurally weak regions. In addition, Tafel Deutschland supports local food banks and regions in expanding their own storage and transport facilities, e.g. by promoting cold storage cells and vans. This way, more food can be saved from waste and distributed to people. We can support this thanks to you.

Tafel Deutschland does not endorse any products or services. share gives 6 cents of every product sold to Tafel Deutschland to help save food.

If you’re in Austria, learn how your purchase makes a meal possible here.

Tafel Deutschland is the umbrella organization of more than 940 local Tafeln throughout Germany. Its tasks include coordinating, supporting and advising Tafel’s work. It acts as a mouthpiece for donors, politicians, associations and the general public and organizes the forwarding of donations in cash and in kind (over 2.27 million euros in donations in kind in 2018).

Together with you, we want to distribute 2,500,000 meals and reach at least 200,000 people this year!

Project active since February 2019

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