Support people in Austria with food packages

Thanks to your purchase, at least one portion of food can be provided to people in Austria who are in need of the support. Our goal with this project is to provide people with healthy food while fighting against food waste.

How we help

Le+O (Food and Orientation) is a project of Caritas in Vienna in cooperation with Viennese parishes in collaboration with Team Österreich Tafel and the Vienna Red Cross. Le+O works like this: Expired but still edible food is collected from supermarkets, brought to the warehouse, sorted and then distributed to the various distribution points. In this way, more than 800 tons of food are saved every year and at the same time people are provided with healthy food. This is what we want to support.

Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna does not endorse any products or services. share gives 9 cents from every product sold to Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna to support food rescue.

As an aid organization of the Catholic Church, Caritas is committed to helping people in many ways. Regardless of their social, national or religious affiliation, Caritas advises, accompanies and supports people in difficult life situations – such as financial hardship, illness or need for care, disability, flight, accidents or disasters.

Together with you, we want to distribute 150,000 meals this year and reach at least 10,000 people!

Project active since August 2019

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