• Your monthly donation

    With every charge you make, you give school children in Kenya access to an educational project.

  • No contract commitment,
    monthly cancellation option

    You are not contractually bound and
    can cancel at any time.

  • Best D-network quality

    The best coverage
    in the Telekom network.

Every share snack donates a meal

Together with our partner organizations, we are doing something to combat hunger, both locally and internationally: We facilitate the provision of emergency food in crisis areas, distribute school meals and ensure that socially disadvantaged people have access to food here locally.

Your help arrives here

With the Do Good tariff, you support the development of the digital learning platform from our partner EIDU. This helps schoolchildren in Kenya learn arithmetic, writing and reading – quite simply through playful exercises. You automatically donate to our education project with EIDU every month you use the Do Good tariff. The donation is included in your tariff payment. You can find out more about our project here.

Happy to share – always at the forefront

Our weekly newsletter will keep you up to date about our products and projects and offer you tips that will show you how to easily make a social contribution.

Frequently asked questions

What tariffs are available from share mobile?

You have two options: 

the Do Good Allnet Flat M tariff and the Do Good Allnet Flat L tariff. Both tariffs enable you to make unlimited calls and send unlimited texts in all German networks. They can also be canceled at any time. 

If you activate the share Do Good tariff by 12/31/23, you secure more data volume permanently and donate an additional 12 months of access to education for school children in Kenya in addition to the regular one month. 

The Do Good tariff Allnet Flat M

  • 6 instead of 5 GB data volume
  • Donate one month’s access to digital education per tariff debit + a 12 months’ donation on top of that 

Price: €10/30 days plus a one-time card payment. RRP: €10. €10 starting credit on activation. If the basic rate of €10/30 days cannot be debited, the following applies: 9 cents/min. and texts to all German networks. Starting at 5 GB, the bandwidth is limited to a maximum of 64 kbit/s (download) and 16 kbit/s (upload) in the respective 30-day billing period. Activation requires an identity check using an official identification document required under Art. 172 of the German Telecommunications Act. congstar – a brand of Telekom Deutschland GmbH, Bayenwerft 12 - 14, 50678 Cologne, Germany.

The Do Good tariff Allnet Flat L

  • 12 instead of 10 GB data volume
  • Donate one month’s access to digital education per tariff charge + a 12 months’ donation on top of that 

Find out more at share-mobile.de/hilfe-service/faq

Which aid project is supported by my tariff payment?

Your Do Good payment will support the work of our partner EIDU. It has developed a digital learning platform and supports teachers and learners with teaching materials, teaching plans, learning games, advanced training and the necessary technology.

How high are the shipping costs?

If you opt for the share Do Good tariff M or L, the usual shipping costs are waived.