Other people do cool things. We do good.

Because sharing really is caring. We believe that with all our hearts, which is why we want to make it as easy for you as possible to do good every day.

The everyday objects we make offer a positive alternative to the products you use on a daily basis. Because every time you buy one of our products, someone else automatically receives a much-needed donation. This way you can share the things you need for living with someone who really needs it to live.


Who's really behind share?

Allow us to introduce you: This is Iris, Sebastian, Ben and Tobi (from left to right). And from their previous roles, our founders learned both how to build a successful business and the importance of sustainable development. Share brings together the best of both these worlds.

Every second, someone is sharing with share.

With your help, we were able to donate in our first four years over 23 million meals, 21 million hygiene products and services, 38 million days of clean drinking water and 2 million school lessons. And if your head is now brimming with numbers, just click through to our projects and find out exactly how each of our partner organizations are helping locally.

A certified B Corporation.

We’ve been a certified B Corp since 2018. The B in B Corp stands for benefit and, just as the organic certification in the supermarket helps us find sustainable products, the B Corp certification helps consumers find businesses that are not only about profit.

We’ve already been selected twice as one of the top 5% of all B Corps, creating substantial social value, and it’s something that we’re incredibly proud of.


Looking for a job with purpose?

Help us make the world fairer and improve the lives of millions of people. We love industry experts, those looking for a career change and visionaries with a sense of justice. And in return, you can expect from us a keen team spirit, transparent wages and flexible working conditions. Find out more on our careers page.

We have a lot of stories to share!

About sustainable consumption, our take on entrepreneurship and the future of the economy, as well as our own personal founding story and what’s happened since then. If you want to feature share, please write to [email protected] or take a look at our press area. All journalists, this-a-way!